Nonconformists United

A Super PAC for the Atypical American

        This Super PAC, Nonconformists United, believes that rather than being isolated in our political beliefs and campaiging for lonely causes on one's own, nonconformists around America should united together to better our political goals. Through collaberation, we can more quickly relay our views to the governemnt and get our political ideologies added to the agendas of the two major parties.

Reasoning behind this Movement

        In this short TED Talk, we see the making of a movement. From the lone brave leader forging new ground, to the first supporter joing in, and eventually to a world of followers, this video shows the power of group dynamics that Nonconformists United hopes to adopt.

        Like the brave dancer in the beginning of the video, we have all attempted to get attention and gather support for our beliefs. But unlike the man in the video, we do not always succeed. This is because we are not in a park filled with happy, endorphin filled people. Instead we are in a huge world that needs more esurance than a smile and a jig to join a cause. The world needs that second dancer. Let Nonconformists United be your second dancer, allow us to be your first follower. Let us adopt your causes, spread your ideas, and watch the world dance.

"Join, or Die"
          -Benjamin Franklin
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